Parenting Teens (or tweens) is Tough Work!

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parent of a teen? get support.

Here are just some of the teenage problems that parents are talking to me about and some which you may be facing right now…

  • teen anxiety
  • rude or aggressive behaviour
  • the effects of divorce or separation
  • bullying at school
  • how to build confidence and self-esteem
  • anger management for teens
  • early sexual relationships
  • teen depression
  • poor attitude towards school


Who Said Parenting Gets Easier As They Get Older?


Common Adolescent Problems

Is your child…

  • Rude and/or aggressive towards you and other family members?
  • Hanging out with the wrong crowds?
  • Starting to get poor grades and/or are unfocused at school?
  • Unhappy?
  • Shutting you out even though you are trying to build a better relationship with them?

We can help!

If you are parenting teens or tweens there is a lot of support that we can give…

  • Bespoke ‘Life & Academic’ Programmes
  • Parent Coaching
  • Online Parenting Courses
  • Divorce & Separation Plans for Managing Teen Behaviour
  • Parent & Teen Relationship Toolkits

…so do get in touch.

No Seriously …Who Actually Said That?

So exactly who is this Anika Vassell anyway?

parenting teens

Anika Vassell

Dip CBT, PGCE, MSc, BSc (Hons)

Parent & Teen Relationship Coach

Hi there – I’ve been working with children, young people and families for over twenty years now – I know!!!! I’m skilled in the management and the psychology of teen behaviour where I have accumulated a ton of experience and conducted much research.

I now work under the umbrella of the ‘Ingenuity for Social Change’ at the University of Nottingham because the social change that I am intent on making is ensuring that parents and carers are central to the developmental process of their children because – guess what –  you, me and other parents are THE experts of our own children.

Yes – sometimes we need a little guidance – just as we did when our children were first born – but the bottom line is – if we have the support, then a lot of the growing number of teen issues that we are seeing today can be managed by us, in our own homes. 

Read more about me at the University of Nottingham HERE

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